Paintwork Perfection

At SPR we pride ourselves on the quality of our paintwork. From painting a mirror cover through to a full re-spray we apply the same meticulous standards.

We ensure that the paint appearance matches into the existing paintwork and that the colour is carefully matched for a seamless finish.

We have state-of-the-art spraying equipment which combined with our modern spray booth gives the ideal environment for spraying.

Unlike many others we will only paint items that have been stripped down correctly – we never mask around items that should be removed.

For example, if you require a bumper painting we will remove it from the car and strip out any vents, lights, badges or inserts that may be fitted.

We believe that this is the only way to ensure a premium quality job that will stay its best for years to come.

General Paintwork

We carry out all forms of paintwork so if you have any type of damage to the paintwork we can help. We will strip out any parts necessary and carefully repair the damage. We will then paint the affected panels so that you would never know it had happened.

If you have some damage that you would like repaired, please call Darren or James to discuss your requirements.

Front End Refinishing

One of our most popular services is front end stone chip removal. This is where we will prepare, prime and paint the front of the car to remove the unsightly stone chips. Many cars are prone to stone chips due to their shape, and no matter how carefully driven, stone chips appear!

We will ensure that the colour is matched in for a seamless finish, so that your car is looking stunning and back to its very best.

Scratches & Car Park Dings

Another common problem is picking up a scratch or mark on the paintwork. We can rectify these without fuss and will ensure it is not noticeable that it has been done.

If the paint has not been broken then it may be possible to use our PDR service, or for minor scratches we may be able to flat and polish the mark out.

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